In 2009 I was running a small record label and decided we needed some music videos.
Unable to raise a budget for them, I decided to buy a camera instead and do it myself.

I was immediately smitten, then further so when I found the photography setting.
I've been in love ever since.

So, after a couple of years I made the heart wrenching decision to wrap up the label and pursue my new artistic dream of creating beautiful imagery. It took a further 2 years of constant study and practice until all the technical aspects 'clicked'. 

Now, with a mixture of luck and hard graft, this passion has become my career.
I specialize in street, portrait and fashion photography and narrative driven films and am especially drawn towards dramatic visuals.

I shoot with a Sony A7s (which doubles up as a fantastic video camera), a selection of vintage primes and, as my main workhorse,
my 55mm FE Zeiss Sony lens.

That you for visiting my site and getting to know me. I really do have the most amazing job in the world :-)



Fishergate Studios
3 Fishergate Point